Inspirational portraits

This post contains a collection of inspirational photography that influenced the project outcome. Black and white. Negative space. Color and texture. Emotions and senses. Shape. Reflection. Another dimension. Human and animal similarity. Advertisements

Marc Quinn_artist

  His signature piece is named “Self”. Mark Quinn was collecting his blood over a period of five months until he had 10 pints of it and by freezing it he creates a… Continue reading


CD cover by Tom Hingston and Nick Knight. CD gatefold. Angel 60×40 fly poster. Tear Drop 60×40 fly poster. Inertia Creeps 60×40 fly poster. Singles heat sensitive box set. Singles heat sensitive box set.… Continue reading

Insect Photography

Omid Golzar ia an Iranian photographer. Most of his work is macro and micro photography. “The camera Takes me on a journey into a secretive and unknown world of insects and spiders. It… Continue reading

Robotic insects

Robotic Steampunk insects by Lindsey Bessanon. She began her creative career as a jeweler in arizona, USA in 2003, casting insects in gold or silver. However, Bessanon’s work soon morphed into one more… Continue reading

Lady Gaga_Born This Way

The whole Lady Gaga’s concept of “Born this way” is encouraging to accept ourselves as we are. It unites different people into one great movement where being different is normal. Apart from a… Continue reading

Rorschach test

I decided to look at the I decided to look at the Rorschach test cards. The Rorschach test is a psychological test where patients are shown inkblot images on cards and asked what… Continue reading

Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to the “Spiritual Totatema” project. The following information is showing my personal development methodology that I am applying to my working process. All inspirational images and additional information are… Continue reading

Lady Gaga_fashion

Lady Gaga has taken not only the music world by storm, but the fashion world as well. She is able to go from simple outfits to ones that most would consider to be… Continue reading

Alexander McQueen _ fashion designer

“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with a dark side of personality.” —Alexander McQueen McQueen always started every collection with… Continue reading