Zen: The Best of Alan Watts

Documentary. “Zen: The Best of Alan Watts“ “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions. By… Continue reading

8 minute meditation

Meditation is not a static “thing”, it’s a “doing”. Meditation is not a goal, it is a journey. Meditation is allowing what it is. Why meditate?Three main categories of meditators: -physical health, such… Continue reading

The Life of Buddha

Book. “The Life of Buddha” by Miho Satogawa. *** The book is full of good quality vector-based illustrations based on a true story of Buddha’s life.


Religion. Summary from the book by Myrtle Langley. In Africa, the americas, and oceania perhaps 250 million people live in “primal” or “traditional” societies. For them, all of life is religious; nothing that they think… Continue reading

Connection with a power animal

A power animal protects you physically and provides you with emotional support, wisdom, and vital energy. Some people think a power animal is a spirit being that stays with you because it cares… Continue reading


Shamanism is a system for psychic, emotional, and spiritual healing and for exploration, discovery, and knowledge gathering about non-material worlds and states of mind. Anthropologists have identified shamanistic practices in tribal cultures, ancient… Continue reading

Animal Meaning _ Mammoth

Elephant – ancient power, strength, royalty. Elephant is a wise totem which embodies strength and power. An Elephant will give you insight into the power of the three feminine energies: maiden, mother and… Continue reading

Animal Meaning _ Gibbon

Gorilla – strength, nobility, generosity A Gorilla totem is a confirmation that our endeavors are solid and steady. They remind us to stay grounded and handle our responsibilities. Gorilla helps us find our… Continue reading

“Crazy” by Gnals Barkley.

“Crazy” by Gnals Barkley. Music video. Going along with the psychiatric theme of the song, Gnarls Barkley’s music video for “Crazy” is done in the style of the Rorschach inkblot test. Animated, mirrored inkblots morph into… Continue reading

A Hares Life _ 1963

Documentary. “A Hares Life”. Year 1963.