Aztec Stone Sculpture

A main function of the Aztec Art was to epree religious and mythical consepts to legitimise the power of the State. This artistic language spoke predominantly through the form of iconographic symbols and… Continue reading

Hawaiian gods

Religion in Hawaii. The Hawaiians believed that numerous spirits filled all of nature, including the ocean, the sky, and the earth itself. They personified those spirits in deities who controlled various aspects of… Continue reading

Hawaiian culture

Sometimes it seems obvious that in a place like Hawaii, incorporating traditional Hawaiian values would be perfectly compatible with conservation of native ecosystems and species. Yet it is remarkable thatrelatively few people have a… Continue reading


Catherine happens to be my yoga teacher in a local gym. Among different yoga sessions I’ve been to, her style seemed to be more appealing to me and different from the others. By… Continue reading

Change of lifestyle

“Spiritual Totatema” project is not only a personal reflection of myself. It mainly reflects the world around me. I noticed that society’s lifestyle had been changed in the past few years. We are… Continue reading

My Yoga practice

My yoga / meditation practice as an experiment for the project. The point of my yoga is for me to reach a meditative state. This is the most amazing practice in that it… Continue reading

Child’s pose

One of the most popular and my favorite relaxation poses is the child’s pose. It’s not only comfortable but also has its physical and menthol benefits. Physical benefits: alleviates head, neck and chest pain;… Continue reading

Going to the Mats

NYTimes article. ‘The Science of Yoga’ Considers the Practice’s Benefits. In “The Science of Yoga,” William J. Broad brings something unusual to his subject: an open mind. Broad, the book’s biographical note informs us,… Continue reading


“The mind is neither physical, nor a by-product of purely physical processes, but a formless continuum that is a separate entity from the body. Our mind is like a field, and performing actions is… Continue reading

Himalayas Science of the mind

National Geographics Documentary.”Light At The Edge Of The World:Himalayas Science Of The Mind“. Dharma is a spiritual path. It is the teaching of the Buddha as an apposition of the Natural Law applied… Continue reading