“Our bodies are made of the same elements that form the substance of the earth and of the farthest stars.”

-Edmund W. Sinnott


“SpiritualTotatema” is a contemporary totem pole consisting of four different animals that represents the journey of human race development.

Designed to unravel the great power hidden within every human being, this project concentrates on the personal needs and power within.  Each participant will be be provided a meditative space accompanied by a spiritual music carefully selected for each power symbol from the Totatema.

This project focuses on encouraging society to search for spiritual connection with our surrounding and teaches us to love and appreciate nature. Totatema is a constant reminder of what was destroyed in the past in order for us to progress to the future. Take a moment to reflect on your purpose in the universe for spiritual growth and a better future.


Totatema has no religious or cultural attachments.