My Yoga practice


My yoga / meditation practice as an experiment for the project.

The point of my yoga is for me to reach a meditative state. This is the most amazing practice in that it has helped me with tension headaches, calmer emotions, and a more peaceful sleep. I don’t meditate the same way every time either.

Techniques that I discovered throughout the project:

  1. Adyashanti technique. Sit down, and then allow everything to be exactly as it is. If your mind chatters, let it chatter. If you have your eyes open, no problem. Just allow things to be. You very quickly notice you are witnessing your thoughts, feelings, etc., and that is a good place to be. Very simple, easy to learn, very effective, in my opinion.
  2. After a peaceful yoga, ease into the meditation. Night time or late evening evening mediations are considered to be longer as there is no hurry and we have absolute quiet. Candles and soft music can be used. Let the body melt into the mat, breathing deeply.
  3. Name Meditation.It’s a practice where you imagine yourself  working through a forest: climbing over logs, pushing through trees to come to a clearing. The light is shining down and you stand in the middle of the open space. There, you say your name. You say your name in different ways too: with longing, anger, lust, happiness, sadness. When you think of no more emotions, you take a breath and focus. Then, you call out your name with all of the emotions you thought of. Its incredibly amazing how you feel after you hear your own name in so many ways.
  4. Touch Meditation. Imagine the sensations of different materials touching your skin: water, silk, dirt, fur, etc…