Catherine happens to be my yoga teacher in a local gym. Among different yoga sessions I’ve been to, her style seemed to be more appealing to me and different from the others. By talking to her I discovered that she created her own yoga movement called CYoga.

Interview with Catherine Foroughi, the author of the book “This is it: Enlightenment with CYoga”.

Catherine about her practice: “CYoga is brilliance in any situation. With no boundaries it is all my/ your domain. With heels together I ballerina with lotus legs I yogi. The beauty of the body allows one all. CYoga is Grace. An integrated and interactive art that shows the essence of yoga beyond style. CYoga can be seen as yoga, a dance and/or martial artistry.”

CYoga is  non-religious yoga / mediation practice based on Catherine’s personal experience. It is about feeling your body, feeling the space around you and be comfortable with it.

“You are the universe and you can attract any energy you want. I found it natural for myself. Through the movement you engage your body and mind in the process of constant energy exchange, You can also attract the energy you want by calling yourself / naming yourself this energy. If you call yourself lucky and successful, you will automatically send your inner power a signal to attract luck and success. We can be anyone or anything we want or desire.”

CYoga is about movement and space. It can be performed everywhere, You are aiming to be comfortable with your body and the space around you and feel free to do whatever your body is telling you. There are no set of rules, poses, combinations. Follow the call of you body.

The experience of a CYoga class has been described as “pure peace”, “showed me a place beyond time and location”. “enlightenment”, “avant-garde, “exciting”, “fun”, “developed my yoga more than any other class”, “now I feel inspired”. If you want to experience yoga – join a CYoga class with no expectations, one moment it can feel like ballet, the next martial yet the experience of yoga is always so present. The CYoga shows what yoga is beyond the form such as asana, pranayama and kriyas.

CYoga works in a variety of styles. This shows the essence of yoga which is beyond style. CYoga can involve yoga asanas, meditation, breath work (pranayama), thai chi, martial artistry, voice and dance work. This allows one to be all abilities.


Video of CYoga on Piccadilly circus: