Change of lifestyle

“Spiritual Totatema” project is not only a personal reflection of myself. It mainly reflects the world around me.

I noticed that society’s lifestyle had been changed in the past few years. We are going “green” and choosing  more ‘natural direction.  Nowadays people pay more attention to the way they look which is leading them to pay more attention to their menthal and physical health and to their nutrition. Society is promoting sports, healthy and eco friendly way of living.

Each normal person wants to live the life long and happily. Whether but we do all that it has occurred? If to analyse typical day of the usual person is more often all is on the contrary.
Most extremals the morning hardly having got up in a biorobot mode go for work where are nervous on trifles, quarrel with colleagues, swindle, are overstrained, trying to provide “advertizing” quality of life. In the evenings have a rest at TVs, days off dream to spend on a summer residence at a brazier with shish kebabs or being engaged in “shopping”, and holiday, lying on a trestle bed of a foreign beach. In addition eat too much behind a table, quarrel with native, envy acquaintances and snub any, distinct from them.
Fortunately, not too it is a lot of such people, but almost everyone in something is similar to them. A natural consequence of such image life are illnesses, nervous breakdowns, problems on work and in a family. We treat illnesses medicines the majority from which have so much by-effects that one treat, and another will cripple. Problems, depending on a floor, we “jam” or we “wash down”. The circle becomes isolated, and to break off it it is possible only having made an abrupt bend towards a healthy way of life.
The healthy way of life is understood as an optimum parity of work and the rest, balanced on power and structure a food, impellent activity, observance of rules of hygiene, absence of addictions, family well-being, enthusiasm for business, a positive spirit, tolerance. The healthy way of life allows to be till an old age mentally healthy is moral and physically.

I hope that materials of this site will help you with formation of a healthy way of life and the decision of your problems. Here you will find articles about health, influence of physical activities on a human body, materials about various ways and culture of a food, methods of care a body, and also the person can get to what kinds of dependences and how to struggle with most terrible of them: alcoholism and a narcotism. Besides on a site materials by various kinds of fitness, and also the most widespread kinds of the hobbies, which presence at human life not a craze, and the integral component of a healthy way of life are placed. In section the self-help recommendations about disposal of problems with health own forces are stated.

People nowadays are re-discovering natural / organic products but some individuals are taking that much further by changing their regular meals into a bunch of flowers. I am referring to  vegan people and vegetarians and well as raw eaters and juicers. They all believe that their “strange for average people” nutrition will keep them younger and healthier.

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of documentaries about overwight people, wrong dietss, unhealthy habbits, healthy cooking, detox, sports.


Documentary 1. Channel 4: “Health food junkies”.

This programme meets some devoted health food worshippers: a growing community of men and women who believe theirs is the healthiest diet on the planet.


Documentary 2.  Channel 4: “Food: what goes in your basket?

This brand new magazine show tells viewers everything they need to know about the food they buy in their local supermarket and where it comes from.


My personal experimentation / experience.

“Spiritual Totatema”project is based on my personal experience. In order to go deeper / further with my concept I decided to change my lifestyle. At first, in order to keep my heritage tradition I was on the Lent (russian church tradition). By keeping this tradition I got rid of the things that were “beneficial” in my life. I triend not to use public transport as much as I can, ate only natural food, no meat. I tried to stop using the products of our society development, experienced a more “natural” way of living. I actually felt much better and healthier than before so I started paying more attention to nutrition, healthier food and diet plans (‘No mean, No mattre” article, “Back to nature diet” article). I also joined a yoga class in order to understand it.

Yoga experience led me to the meditation practice. That was my perfect moment of calm after a busy day, no stress, no worries. This practice helped me to structure my day planning and changed my  regular activities to more heathier ones.

To sum up the changes I’ve made with my lifestyle: healthy eating, more sports, yoga and meditation practice.

I also attended Zumba classes ( african dance – the moves for one of the dances represented an eagle / tribal dance)

**Thought for power animals: by acting like the animal (power animal you want to attract in your life) – you will come to the understanding of its nature, its origin.